Experts Register Feedback
Experts Register Feedback

Our Members offer their special  skills and knowledge to Users of the System. The system is an inclusive platform for anyone to use or become a Member in one of the appropriate categories. Our Members are encouraged to build a society of fairness, honesty, respect and trust.

It levels the playing field for all and eliminates discrimination by maintaining anonymity in the search and selection process. It does not display information such as race or gender.

It shows proximity, indicative fees and Experience to assist Users in assessing a search result.

Our Members pledge to perform their duties to the highest ethical standards.

The Experts Register is a search facility whereby Members can increase their online visibility and presence.

The Experts Register does not underwrite or endorse any views/claims made by Members.

Members are assessed by User feedback and rating. Members with a poor rating may either:

  1. Use our training courses to upskill themselves;
  2. Learn from their Peers;
  3. Migrate to a more appropriate category of Membership;
  4. Unsubscribe from The Experts Register.

The system is explained in the Search Tips.

Our Members’ privacy is protected by allowing the member to screen all enquiries and deciding to accept or reject them.

We will not share any Member’s information with any other internet-based system without the Member’s prior written permission.

Confidentiality and respecting all participants’ privacy is of paramount importance and held in the highest regard by The Experts Register and its anonymity approach.


The Experts Register is a system whereby Member profiles are displayed based on search criteria entered by a User. The introduction process is performed by the system without any human intervention.

When a Member’s profile is viewed and selected, a detailed notice is sent to the Member. 

The Member either:

  • accepts the search.  The contact details of the User are forwarded to the Member by the system and the Member may thereafter contact the User to further engage;
  • rejects the search.  The User is notified by the system and the User may make another selection from the original search.

To protect The Experts Register against abuse, Users may perform a maximum of eight (8) searches per day. Suspected abuse will be flagged and investigated and rogue Users may be barred from using the system.

Explore these various Registration Categories and select the one that best describes you.