Experts Register Registration Assistance Request


The Registration Assistance Request is intended for users of our website who are having difficulties with the Registration process. At receipt of your request, one of our Team will perform a User and/or Member registration on your behalf and contact you with further instructions.

There are two ways of requesting Registration Assistance:

1. Fill in and Submit the form below (please note that the fields marked by * are required);

2: PRINT this page, fill it in and email it to

Note: Due to the number of fields, it is recommended that you fill in this form on a large screen (laptop, desktop). If you do prefer to use a mobile device, you will be redirected to a different page which has the same content but in a format suitable to your smaller device (single column, etc).

Our website has two types of registration: –

1. Login Registration: Every person who wants to search for Experts Register members, as well as anyone who wants to become an Experts Register member needs to first log in. This registration is thus for everyone who wants to use our website;

2. Member registration: This registration is for anyone who wants to be found by searchers on our website. 


experts register login registration

Your Preferred User Name: Compulsory field. The User Name you’d like to log in with;

Your Title: Select a valid Title from the dropdown;

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Your Email Address: Compulsory field. The email address which will be used in your automated emails as well as other communication;

Your Contact number:Compulsory field. In case we need to phone you;

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