Don't shout where no one can hear!

Don’t wink in the dark where no one can see!

Don't shout where no one can hear!

Don’t wink in the dark where no one can see!


We suddenly had to regenerate ourselves into a new environment with new dynamics of interaction and conducting business. The world of business, commerce has been reinvented. The fourth industrial revolution has exploded onto our world and we had to learn to adapt over a very short time. Ways of interacting and communication has been influenced drastically by an unseen virus which threatens our daily existence. For many the Internet and its new and proliferating tools, facilities, programs and web based facilities have invaded our lives and instilled a heightened sense of insecurity. Indeed, many suffered severe adverse consequences and even lost their means of earning a living.

Thirty years ago, in 1989, I decided to take on the responsibility of making a living on my own. Today, I’m not looking back. Economic conditions were bleak like the present. What pulled me through was my inherent positive outlook on life and respecting myself and everyone around me. The one thing everyone is in control of, is their attitude towards life. It determines their behaviour and interaction with others.
You decide; Do you view the glass as half full or half empty. Accept that nobody owes you a living. Respect yourself and everyone around you. Take responsibility for yourself and yours. Be prudent with your assets. Steal your own money (pretend you have spent 10% of whatever you earn and put it away for a rainy day. You’ll get used to it!) Kill your debt. Start with the smallest debt with the highest interest. Talk to your Bank and if you have a house bond, try and increase the bond to pay off the debts with the high interest. This will decrease your financial stress and give you room to attend to your running costs. Everyone will have to face different circumstance and will have to devise different plans to survive in the short term. Devise your own plan and talk it over with your bank. Your commitment to deal with your debt will go a long way to secure your Banks support. This is not a perfect plan, but food for thought. Formulate your own plan and you’ll feel more positive and confident.
We do however have some choice in how to survive. For many it will be a new experience, having to make a living as Self Employed. For those who decide to go this route, it can be a very lonely and arduous journey, requiring a huge amount of self-confidence but it could also yield surprisingly great results.

You’ll need CONFIDENCE. It may sound ridiculous but the mirror is your best friend and confidence builder. Smile at yourself, put on a brave face and say to yourself “I’m OK, I have great skills and I’ll find someone to pay for it.” Formulate your own pep talk that you feel comfortable with. Repeat the same message for at least 20 consecutive days without fail. Your subconscious brain will start believing that you are good and it will rub off on prospective clients and you won’t scare them away by appearing needy. This may not solve everyone’s problems but we believe that it could make a small difference in the lives of some.


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