Corporate Institutions are the pinnacle of commerce and industry. Great responsibilities rest on their shoulders. The economic environment has been severely compromised by the smallest of organisms – the Covid Virus. The workforce and its dependents are experiencing the devastating effects of unexpected layoffs. In certain circumstances the reduction of the workforce is unavoidable but we implore everyone to imagine themselves being laid off and how they would survive. Bear in mind that those being in the firing line are and were valuable employees who contributed to the wellbeing and welfare of their respective organisations. Kindly use your resourceful ingenuity to at least provide them with some form of food security within your means. It may result in appreciation and even loyalty which would be a great environment for the rehire of trained and experienced employees when an immunization solution to the Pandemic (which may be imminent) is developed. That could facilitate the fast track to recovery. The decision on how to manage this catastrophe resets on all our shoulders.


The free market economic system can be compared with a water mill. When the flow of the water is reduced, the spinoffs dries up. Should we all meet our commitments to others, we may expect others to meet their commitments to us. This Covid Virus will be with us for a short time in its current ferocity. We should not destroy what has been built up over a the long history of human activity. Should we not spend ourselves back into wealth? We could always address the resulting inflation monster, when every person, who wants to be employed, is employed!


Just a thought: If all the energy spent on protesting is redirected to improve the living conditions of the poor, clean up their neighbourhoods, fixing the potholes and improving their infrastructure, water & sanitation, it will make a real and sorely needed  improvement to the lives of the marginalized communities. Title deeds for all properties and land parcels, which would provide security of tenure, could unlock great wealth in the economy. Organizations such as the Free Market Foundation have made great contributions in this direction.

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