Search Tips

Important: You do not have to be an ExpertsRegister Member to use the member Search feature. You have to  Register as an Expertsregister User though. The Registration process is quick and easy. Just verify your account after registration by means of your Account Verification (Activation) email and you’re ready to go!

To search for subscribers to our Members Listing:

  1. Select any of our Search or Find a Member buttons (or links) to invoke the Members Search page.
  2. Fill in your Physical Address details if you are not an ExpertsRegister Member (your address is needed to determine the distance of our Members from your location). If you are an ExpertsRegister Member, the address is taken from your profile so it is not displayed on the Search page.
  3. Provide Keywords to help find your desired Member(s). We will search for these keywords in our Members’ Biographies.
  4. Adjust the Max Distance the desired Member(s) should be from your physical location.
  5. Select your preferred Distance Units.
  6. Adjust your Max Rate (in $ US). This reflects your affordability limits.
  7. Click the FIND MEMBERS button to start the Search.
  8. Up to eight (8) recommended Member Profiles will be displayed according to your search criteria.
  9. Note: If no results are displayed, adjust your search limits or try different Keywords.
  10. Each Member’s Category, Member ID, Distance from your location, Indicative hourly Fee, Years Experience and Rating will display. You may also see a list of Keyword suggestions as extracted from members more or less complying with your Search criteria.
  11. Click the ‘View‘ button next to your preferred profile. You will see the Member’s feedback comments, an overview of the Member’s Professional Profile, a Biography and a form on which to submit your enquiry to  the Member.
  12. You may navigate back with your browser’s Back arrow to select and view a different Member’s details.
  13. To consult the Member, fill in your Name, Surname, Email, Phone number and Message to the Member about what you require assistance with and the Member will be notified immediately of your query, will read your query and select ACCEPT or DECLINE on their preferred device. If the Member ACCEPT your query, your contact details will be forwarded to that Member who will contact you directly.
  14. Should a Member DECLINE, you may use the browser’s back arrow to  return to your Search results and select another Member. You may also return to the Search page and amend or refine it to search again.
  15. Should a selected Member not respond within 48 hours, you will be notified to select another Member. Your enquiry detail and Job ID number will be retained for 72 hours after your previous search, for your convenience.
  16. After your interaction with the Member, you may rate your experience and provide us with feedback using the FEEDBACK function and the Job ID number previously sent to you by email, once the Member approved your job request. Please keep this number as reference for your rating.
  17. NB! No rating can be submitted without this number.