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There are two ways to request Registration Assistance:

Method 1: Fill in and Submit the form below (please note that the fields marked by * are required);

Method 2: PRINT this page, fill it in and email it to

experts register login registration

Fill in these fields as follows:

Your Preferred Login User Name: The User name you’d like to use for Login purposes;

Your First Name: The name that people call you;

Your Last Name: As on your birth certificate;

Your Email Address: for communications and for login purposes;

Your Contact Number: In case we have to contact you per phone;

experts register member registration
Member Registration

First Time Applicant: You have not registered for Experts Register Membership before;

Re-admission Applicant: You have registered for Experts Register Membership before but now you want to create another profile under a different category;

Category / Categories: The Category or Categories you’d like to register for. Hold your Ctrl key (Cmd ket for Mac) down for multiple selections;

More about you
More about your company

Your Title: Select from the relevant dropdown;

Years Experience: Total years of experience in the selected category / categories. This is needed for Member Search purposes;  

Indicative fee per hour: The minimum number of $’s per hour you are charging for your services in the Category / Categories you are registering membership for. This is needed for Member Search purposes;

Physical address: Needed for determining your distance from someone else during Member Searches;

Company Name: Your Company’s official name. Needed for billing purposes;;

Company Registration No: Needed for billing purposes;

Company Physical Address: Needed for billing purposes;

Name of person responsible for Payment: Needed for billing queries;

Email address of person responsible for Payment: Needed for billing purposes;

Member Registration (continued)
experts register members

Qualifications: Degrees, diplomas, certifications etc.

Your Biography. Very important: Words in your biography will be compared to  keywords entered by Searchers. Make sure that you use all keywords relevant to you in this section.  

Make use of Email Marketing: Tick if you give us permission to send Emails to you to advertise our business, send you news items and offer marketing services as well as web development services. 

Company Vat Registration No: Needed for billing purposes;

Business Website Address: The url belonging to your website;

Read and Accept all Terms and Conditions… Tick the box to confirm.

Hover your mouse over the Tip icon if you’d like a quick tip on what to fill in.

Note: Validation Errors (such as when you have not filled in a mandatory field) will be indicated by a red label next to the applicable field.

In Case of problems, kindly phone us at 

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